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Meet Our Horses

All horses have a hashtag under their name that can be used to find more photos of them online. The OTTBs have a link to their pedigrees and any race info we could find. 


Ruckus or "Oneheckofaruckus", was the first horse to be donated to the team and he quickly wins everyone over with his sass and small but mighty attitude. He helped his last rider qualify for Maclay Regionals and 2015 EAP Nationals. Ruckus has since taught many students the value of slowing down and the importance of good flatwork.


Merlin was the second horse to be donated to the team and is well loved by all. Despite his larger stature and goofy personality he is a grid work and gymnastics champion. Merlin is affectionately referred to as "The Great Pumpkin"


Jaquoe is owned by Carousel Farm and Annette Traband. In his younger years Jaquoe was a top Amateur Owner Hunter and then went on to be a part of Lizzy Trabands 2010 WEG exhibition. Now he enjoys life as a beginner teacher with his best friend Rosie. 


Rosie is owned by Carousel Farm and Annette Traband. Rosie was a top hunter and eventually became Lizzy Traband's trick riding horse. She's done demos at Devon, jumped bridleless, and even jumped through a ring of fire! Rosie now enjoys the lesson life and teaches the upper levels and occasionally shows in the summer months.


Oz is one of a few ponies that help teach the smaller team riders. He gives people confidence and is great for pony rides, making him well loved for THON events. Oz's real name is actually "Ox" but a small misunderstanding gave him his new moniker. Don't be fooled by his grouchy face, he's a sweetheart!


Nellie is a TB of unknown age donated to KEC and then used for lessons throughout the year. Nellie loves to flat and is great for working without stirrups. She loves a quiet and kind person. You can hardly tell she's a TB from her portly figure and thick, luscious mane and tail. 


Harrison is an all around super star. Harrison or "Beg to Differ" was donated by Emily Coyle after a successful show career with her. Harrison is a teacher of all ages and levels. He teaches the beginners how to take their first trot steps all the way to their first jumps. He is well loved by all.


Harley or "Major League" was an A circuit Large Hunter pony and won championships up and down the East coast before coming to us. Harley loves the 2'6'' lesson pony life and enjoys being groomed and loved on. Harley is also a great sport for Halloween and has been a clown and an elephant!


Granite or "Take Me for Granite" is an aged TB who came to the team in 2016. Granite excels at teaching all levels of jumping. He has shown in the Pre-Adults and is a great horse to learn to do proper flatwork on. Granite begs for treats by lightly tapping his foot on the ground. No one can resist!


Casey or "Just in Case" is a TB who has one of the most unique canter strides ever. He's very hard to miss a distance on but is King of the Long Spot. Casey has shown up to the Adult Hunters and placed 6th in the National Hunter Derby at the Lion County Classic 2015. 


Tux is the newest addition to the Penn State Team. Tux is currently being ridden by Steph Ripka until he learns that he is no longer in a speed class. 


Guilford, another TB, is a recent addition to the team. He arrived in the Summer of 2019 and has settled in quite nicely to lesson horse life. Previously Guilford has competed extensively in the 2'6'' and 3' with wins at many HITS shows with his owner, Kelsey Slowey. 


Lola and Eden are best girlfriends who come up to KEC every school year to be a part of the program. Lola or "La Luna" is owned by Stoney Ridge Farm and was a Junior Hunter and did a few derbies. Lola loves attention, snacks, and compliments. 


Eden comes to KEC with her best friend Lola every school year to be a part of the Penn State Team program. Eden is also owned by Stoney Ridge Farm and was an accomplished Junior and Children's Hunter. Eden did a few International Derbies and filled in as a Big Eq horse when needed. She is a stellar flat horse and loved for her sweet personality.


Romeo or "Vidal" had an extensive career as a top Adult Hunter winning many championships. Romeo still loves to jump and show off when he can. Romeo enjoys his yearly romps in the snow.


Knight or "Irish Knight" is owned by a longtime KEC student, Cameryn Rousselin. Cameryn outgrew Knight and after a few short term leases he came to be a Penn State horse. Knight was once ridden by Mclain Ward as Grand Prix horse but determined that he didn't have the power needed for the bigger classes. (He sure jumps hard enough though.) Knight taught Cameryn the ropes of riding, showing, and horsemanship and now he shares his teachings with other students.

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